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Review: This is Africa Fest 2

Remember when, back in primary school,  we used to write compositions called ‘best day in my life’? Well, that’s the best way to describe This is Africa Fest II, without the similes and proverbs of course. Stick to Your Guns, the first American Hardcore Punk band to perform in Kenya was playing alongside local bands […]

Shocking Reason that Suggests the Zombie Apocalypse Already Happened

Rash’s fifth single is based on the state of the world today where everyone is a slave to one device or another, cold and distant. Zombies in the truest sense of the word.

PLATFORM 7 – Live at Daas

Keep your eyes peeled and get ready for the next gig in town featuring awesome bands like SVNL, ParkingLotGrass and Rash. SVNL are one of the oldest bands in the country having been formed in 2002. they are working on an EP and have two demo’s out that you can check out here Rash on […]

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