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ParkingLotGrass – Tusk at Hand (Album Review)

Sequencing and transitions in this record as so perfectly done and you feel as if every little aspect set out in that intro is cleverly captured in each song. PLG make music seem like an exact science. The transition from one guitar riff to the refrains are measured with machinelike exactness. The record in effect isn’t discoloured or too sludgy, it is a clear and almost perfect product.

Why bands need to expand to the continental scene.

Factoring in the economies of scale it makes sense for all these small scenes to take advantage of the larger playing ground. Bands, with the help of fans and other stakeholders, need to spread their wings. Kenya alone has an estimated 20,000 following of rock music. There are close to twenty active bands in the country. If bands were to cultivate an active effort to make collaborative projects with other acts across the continent then it can be reasonably said that they would open themselves up to a wider audience.


Crowning off our review is another band that has ventured to feature female vocals perhaps not only in this particular piece but as a long term plan as the band works on the second offspring to its discography. If you had any doubts as to the unmatched technical and vocal technique of these fellas then this song just sold itself to the jury, even though we’ve had to wait a few years for that.

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