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Locations and the Memory of Music

Locations have a strange habit. They excite the memory. Fond sensations stowed away, locked in the forgotten corridors of infant years, suddenly emerge with an astounding clarity. While I attending This Is Africa Fest II, I suffered an injury to my left foot. Swollen as it was, I couldn’t bear even the blood that pumped […]

Top Five Rock Songs of 2015

Taken individually each of these songs has something glorious that sets it apart from the rest. They offer different and enlightening world views, the metropolitan flavour of Kenya’s landscape, two spectrums of the most powerful sentiments in the world and at another end the dance of life and death.

A Song Review of Culture Horizon's – Baba Joshua

Like Odysseus we are aboard a solitary freighter, where beneath and around you is an ocean of music roaring with an endless monotony and stretching as far as the eyes can see. but today you must cast your eyes upon a jutting rock formation where the sirens sit and their song, just like “Baba Joshua” here will forever grab your attention as everything else fades into obscurity .

Culture Horizon release New Single

Nairobi based rock band “Culture Horizon” formerly known as “Hope in Transit” have released a new single. The track is called “Wewe Pekee” which is swahili for “Only You”. This track is their second single following their debut track “Baba Joshua”. The band seems to be sticking to a story telling trajectory. These are cultural […]

Shedding Skin: The Art of Re-branding

As a principle you have to keep in touch with the world or risk being forgotten. Like the Phoenix bursts into flames, a band must constantly purge itself of its old life…the tongues of fire must sear off enough of the flesh to keep the outfit vibrant and glowing.

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