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Things You Will Hear Every Kenyan Metalhead/Rocker Saying

These are some of the boiler-plate statements that will most often come out of a metalhead’s mouth. From elitist comments targeted towards “core bands” to bandwagon opinions on the quality of a band’s previous music. I think most of you will find yourself at home with some of these.

Crystal Axis Announces Release Date for New Single

Nairobi based Punk rock band are set to add fuel to their engine with the release of a new single ‘Leopold’. Coinciding with my own reading of the Belgian despot’s biography, Crystal Axis announced that the single will drop on the 29th of August.¬†

Kenyan Elections May Still Affect Rock Shows Scheduled for November 

While Kenyans wait for patiently for the conclusion of the elections and a return to normalcy, choices by the political elite may yet have long term impact on activities within the rock community.  One of the biggest and most anticipated events is the Nairobi Metal Fest that is scheduled to take place on 11th November […]

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