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Are Last Year's Tragedy Living Up to the Hype?

the nature of the material universe is that everything loses meaning the moment it is put into effect. As time passes that great 14 yard throw you just did is quickly surpassed by the exploits of another teenage hotshot whole be throwing an extra 2 or so yards in the not so distant future (with or without the help of narcotics).

Song Review for new Seismic song "Freedom"

Without more this is evidently a very enchanting and inspiring piece. There has been no radical decline occasioned by the vocalists. But freedom is undone by a lack of clarity and instruments that seem to be chocking the best aspects of each other out.

Culture Horizon release New Single

Nairobi based rock band “Culture Horizon” formerly known as “Hope in Transit” have released a new single. The track is called “Wewe Pekee” which is swahili for “Only You”. This track is their second single following their debut track “Baba Joshua”. The band seems to be sticking to a story telling trajectory. These are cultural […]

Shedding Skin: The Art of Re-branding

As a principle you have to keep in touch with the world or risk being forgotten. Like the Phoenix bursts into flames, a band must constantly purge itself of its old life…the tongues of fire must sear off enough of the flesh to keep the outfit vibrant and glowing.

Shocking Reason that Suggests the Zombie Apocalypse Already Happened

Rash’s fifth single is based on the state of the world today where everyone is a slave to one device or another, cold and distant. Zombies in the truest sense of the word.

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