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Irony Destroyed – Strife to Legacy (Album Review)

It is iconoclastic in both composition and presentation, profoundly confessional in its tone and unrelenting in its message. A very personal album indeed.

The Illusion of the Right Moment: The Rock Scene Stagnates Because You Don't Have the Balls to Do Anything About it

If we are to have a vibrant rock scene then guys need to let go of this insufferable attitude. Get up and get going.It won’t be ideal.
It may never pay off for long periods. You may slave for years before you see any fruits. But that is life. It is chastising. It is fucked up and incongruous. You will get a little joy along the road but most times the ride will be unbearable. But YOU MUST FIND AN EXCUSE TO WIN.

Satan's Disco – Gig Review

The moshpit comes to birth at the rise of the moon. Metalheads like a dark cloud of bats swarming and blackening the twilight, appear from the solitude of their conversational caverns. We huddle in expectation and reverberate to the sound of the beast that refuses to die. Some violently as if in a magical trance. There’s pushing and pulling, hoarse shouting and those who fall and meet the ground do so gracefully. At times it is a meeting of elbows and haws and on occasion and a rising boot meets a swininging head. When I withdraw to catch my breat at our table, the bong of shisha is gone and the taste of blood lingers at the edge of my tongue.

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