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Last Year’s Tragedy – Mammoth (Review)

Last Year’s Tragedy (LYT)  is one of the most credible bands within the metalcore genre. Believe it or not, they have been in the metal scene for more than half a decade and they are doing pretty well. After their exceptional singles like “March from the underground” and “Challenge Accepted”, Last Year’s Tragedy are back with […]

Im Ready by Petrika

Then you make me smile, And I’m not happy, It has been a while, And there’s no hurry. Chorus: We will be gone, Ain’t that right? I am ready, aren’t we will be gone, Ain’t that right? I am ready, aren’t you? I apologize, With no regrets I’m here because of you, Guess am a […]

Why sound is still a mess at shows

To me sound is so interesting because as much as it is technical it is also an art. So to be really good you have to apply the techniques you know into something tangibly emotive within the environment. There are very few engineers who have reached this level of mastery. One such master I acknowledge is Jaaz Odongo.
The challenge is covering the expense of bringing in an adequate rig. With what we have available it doesn’t make economic sense for a small to medium gig.

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