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Interview with Christian Themed Metal Newcomers, "Skygrave's Twilight"

Whether or not there’s an audience for Christian themed metal, Skygrave’s Twilight will still play Christian themed metal. God created everything in existence for His glory (Col 1:16) and Skygrave’s Twilight loves to play metal. So Skygrave’s Twilight will use that to glorify God

ParkingLotGrass – Tusk at Hand (Album Review)

Sequencing and transitions in this record as so perfectly done and you feel as if every little aspect set out in that intro is cleverly captured in each song. PLG make music seem like an exact science. The transition from one guitar riff to the refrains are measured with machinelike exactness. The record in effect isn’t discoloured or too sludgy, it is a clear and almost perfect product.

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