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Rash: Three Years On

In this short and long while of three years, we have learned that being on the same page is what bonds a band together, therefore it is really important. Also, we have learned that it is harder than we thought when it comes to getting “economic rewards”. We have barely recovered a small part of what we have invested in this band. That’s why it is key to be on the same page, and to leave money ambitions aside for a while.

Top Five Rock Songs of 2015

Taken individually each of these songs has something glorious that sets it apart from the rest. They offer different and enlightening world views, the metropolitan flavour of Kenya’s landscape, two spectrums of the most powerful sentiments in the world and at another end the dance of life and death.

RASH (Heavy Metal/Hard Rock) Kenyan Band

follow the link to like their page https://www.facebook.com/rashband5?fref=ts You can never truly understand the present day rock scene by being indifferent to modern permutations of the genre and its sub genres. But doing a thorough examination of a band’s style requires a bold and sober approach to the roots of the genre itself and also […]

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