Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Gig Reviews: Platform 7 live at Daas Restaurant – What Went Down

The bands on this night represent varying aspects of time and place. Parking Lot Grass are necessarily the present forces. Although they can do with a bit of improvement, they are still sufficient. Rash borrow from the strength of the forefathers like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Judas Priest, reinforcing the foundations of today and bringing hope for a better tomorrow. SVNL on the other hand represent what this kind of alternative scene is. Something greater than anyone of us, unconstrained by time, notions of right or wrong and showing there is indeed no limit to ingenuity.

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Crowning off our review is another band that has ventured to feature female vocals perhaps not only in this particular piece but as a long term plan as the band works on the second offspring to its discography. If you had any doubts as to the unmatched technical and vocal technique of these fellas then this song just sold itself to the jury, even though we’ve had to wait a few years for that.

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