Why do clubs disrespect rockers?


I am writing this article exactly one month, two weeks later after the event. It took me that long because I was and still trying to figure out why Kenyan night clubs do not like rockers. But then again it’s a reflection of the society’s opinion on rock/metal. I have been judged almost my whole life for listening to the genre especially back in primary school. My friends did not understand why I used to rush home every Tuesday evening after school to watch rock show on metro tv(what happened to this channel?) or on Saturdays when I would stay indoors to watch East Africa TV(EATV)(am not sure if the channel still exist). Because of this I was told I love satanic things, I am illuminati and many more things that a kid of that age wouldn’t want to hear.
On 25th February 105.5 Xfm’s Dj Edygrim had a gig at 24/7 lounge. I was so psyched up for this one because it was on a Saturday and I knew I was going to head bang till dawn. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I arrived at the club at around 9pm the club was full unlike last time with majority of the people being new rockers. Those who have been to any of Edygrim’s gigs would know that after 9pm he is all about metal so when I got there I started head banging, I went to the bar to get a drink and just as I had finished paying for the drink my song came on and I ran to the moshpit completely forgetting about my drink and my balance.  The waiter who served me stood there  laughing, I am sure in his mind he was wondering if was high on something and yes I was high on music, that’s how awesome the music was.

Two hours into moshing Edygrim was told to stop playing to pave way for a hip hop dj to entertain 10 guys(hip hop kids)  who were there to celebrate a birthday party. You have to admire how passionate this guy Edygrim is about his work because this is what he told him “I came here to entertain my fans if you want me stop I will and my fans and I will all walk out” .Everyone was so confused. First of all the rockers were like triple the number the number of the birthday guys and more were still coming in and they were all buying drinks. Secondly, Edygrim booked the date a month before so it could have been good if they could have communicated. The manager ordered the hip hop dj to go stop Edygrim from playing. I was standing at the dj booth sipping my water when it all happened, thinking how rude this all was.Nevertheless we weren’t going to let him succeed.
I have to say that the 24/7 Lounge’s manager is the most unprofessional person I have ever met. For a moment I thought he was the bouncer , for not only was he arguing with the dj but the customers as well (rockers of course) . What happened to not biting the hand the feeds you? This man was so rude all I remember is that I got so angry I had to go head bang to calm down. Later on, when I went to the bar to get water(hahaha my energy drink), a guy in dreadlocks came to talk to me. I recall he was with the hiphop dj at the booth. He told me that Edygrim is such a rude person who doesn’t deserve the name dj together with his fans and next time he should be careful because he was the only person allowed to enter the club with a gun. When he mentioned that I did not take it serious I thought he was drunk until I actually saw it. I was so shocked. Luckily before the conversation ended Edygrim played one of my favourite songs. I excused myself to go head bang but I could not head bang in peace I kept on thinking about my conversation with that man I could not tell anyone(Actually almost everyone who was will read about it ) I just walked to the dj booth and told Edygrim if anyone who is not one of the fan talks to him or argue he should not answer back an am glad he listened to what I said.
That traumatizing moment aside, I have to say metal’s effect is very communicable. Some of the hiphop kids joined us in the moshpit. No one expected that. They eventually could not keep up with the rockers they left the club, we did not headbang till dawn as we expected but thanks to Edygrim’s dedication we went on till 2am. He promised us a good time despite him not being paid. I am very sure we were treated that way because it was a rock gig maybe rockers should own their own club.
Yvonne Ndubi

11 thoughts on “Why do clubs disrespect rockers?

  1. Dear Fide, we are sorting this out for you and every one else that enjoy live shows. In the meantime you can follow our twitter account we post regularly on upcoming shows.

  2. The manager was a waiter,bouncers also got him at the toilet changing tissues and was Also collecting Serviettes… I think it’s the first time he was on top and wanted to take control of all things.

  3. So there was this time at a bash, the dj was playing the usual trance stuff, people jumping everywhere…but eventually guys got tired and majority were seated down drinking so I gave the dj a rock mix-it wasn’t hard or anything-something around punk rock…a few BFMV,Breaking Benjamin and Avenged Sevenfold songs were on the mix.Dj accepted and played the mix.It didn’t even go past 2 minutes,guys started complaining, Dj stopped playing and I got kicked out.
    Never been invited to another bash again by my pals after that.

  4. Haha dude this happens to all of us I suppose. Sucks that you got banned from all bashes but we hope you can make new awesome memories elsewhere. There are some of us that are never handed the aux cord.

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