Kenyan mosh-pits captured in brilliant photo-journal series

Disclaimer :Sorry guys this is actually not CBGB, Hellfest or Wacken.
So yesterday I had the chance to meet and talk to one Guillame Michels,( not that I haven’t met him before, this guy has been to practically all the shows my band has played at including yesterday’s Skate-aid Moshpit festival which was a huge success btw) Originally from France, this guy has spent the most part of the past decade of his life touring the world to capture the most amazing photographs of the craziest rock-punk-metal shows across the globe.
But there’s a tiny little caveat; Guillaume actually dares to plunge himself into the most fear-inducing man-made storms of brutality that punks and metalheads fondly refer to as ‘moshpits’). If you’ve been in a moshpit before you certainly are familiar with the unforgiving nature of these phenomena. It’s the go-to place if you’ve grown sick of your teeth and wouldn’t mind them getting knocked into shape a little bit lol. But moshpits with all the camp-fire horror stories they induce are actually the one place where true bonds of brotherhood and friendship are forged.. It’s the place where you can go all-out with your mates even with complete strangers and stay confident that they’ll pick you right back up if no matter how many times you fall literally or otherwise. Moshpits are the life-blood of metal scenes all over the world and to have someone capture them in vintage high definition with such stunning clarity is really mindblowing..
Guillaume is currently doing a photo-journal series called ‘From The Eye Of The Moshpit’ which has seen him capture some amazing shots in more than three countries including France, Kenya and the U.K.He features his stunning photographs shot entirely on an old classic analog camera on his website . Here are a few great shots he has captured in a few shows he has attended during his time in Kenya that offer some insight on what it’s actually like to be at the center of a Kenyan mosh-pit… Some of them are man-tear inducing (the faces especially are priceless.)

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By Mordecai Ogayo

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