Kenyan Elections May Still Affect Rock Shows Scheduled for November 


While Kenyans wait for patiently for the conclusion of the elections and a return to normalcy, choices by the political elite may yet have long term impact on activities within the rock community. 

One of the biggest and most anticipated events is the Nairobi Metal Fest that is scheduled to take place on 11th November 2017. Presale for tickets for the show are currently underway through eticketing and mPesa. 
But while it is expected that the election process will be concluded in the next few days, how a losing presidential bid by whoever is aggrieved, whether it be Uhuru Kenyatta (the incumbent) or his closest rival Raila Odinga, will determine the course of things as far off as November. 
The constitutional requirement in case of a dispute is to lodge a petition with the Supreme Court within 7 days of results being announced by IEBC, the body mandated to conduct and declare results of elections. The Supreme Court will then determine the petition within 14 days. There are two outcomes. 
1. The petition is thrown out and the election results as declared stand. 
2. The petition succeeds and the election results are cancelled. This would mean that repeat elections have to be conducted; the date for such repeat elections will be on November 8th with results being declared shortly thereafter; possibly by 11th, the same day in which we expect the Nairobi Metal Festival will occur. 
As we speak these elections have already scuttled plans that were already underway to hold another show, Battle of the Bands, the same having been postponed due to the elections. 

On a lighter note “Githeriman” has also has also interacted with the rock community, comically being photoshoped in photos of rockers, metalheads and bands performing live.

While such a scenario is quite possible depending on how politicians decide to act, there is a greater possibility that things may continue as scheduled. 
International observers have in general given the conduct of the elections a clean bill of health. All things held constant there is very little evidence to suggest that an election petition will succeed if lodged. However more reliable indicators of how things may go will have to wait until IEBC announces the official results. 
Meanwhile presale has already began for tickets to Nairobi Metal Fest and fans are eager to sample the great array of bands that are set to grace the occasion. Headlining will be French metalcore act “In Other Climes”, supported by Irony Destroyed and Void of Belonging (both from Kenya), Doom metal duo Vale of Ammonition” from Uganda and hardcore band Slander from Italy. On the decks will be Capital FM’s DJ Tumz. 

Nairobi Metal Fest is set organised by Hardcore Help Foundation in conjuction with Rock Society of Kenya

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