The Rock & Metal Music Scene is the Best; Here's Why?


There is no doubt rock/metal industry is the best in Kenya, whenever I say this
around non-rockers they always disagree let me quote Muhammed Ali ‘it is not
bragging if you can back it up’.
Live performances
If you want an all live performance no lip sync no autotunes then attend a rock
a show, unlike other genres fans will pay a huge amount of money to go watch their
favourite artist perform but someone gets on stage lip sync throughout the whole
performance the only time you will hear his/her voice is when appreciating fans or
saying ‘mikono kwa hewa’. In a rock show, everything is raw from the
instruments to the vocals a true definition of a live show.
If you listen to the lyrics from other genres you will end up laughing or feeling
ashamed on behalf of the whole music industry, all Kenyan rock/metal songs have
the best lyrics they either talk about nature or about everyday daily lives. A number
of times I have posted the lyrics on twitter or on my WhatsApp and the feedback I get
is always positive actually, most people don’t believe that those are a rock/metal
song’s lyrics.
Rock/metal scene is one of the industry with the least number of the artists but it has
produced more albums, there are almost 30 bands and almost half of them have released albums.
so far and other bands are still working on their albums. Well I know a number of
artists from other genres who have been in the music industry for more than 10
years and they are yet to release a single album and fans of the other music genres
do not know anything about albums
Dedicated bands
In the Kenyan music industry rock scene has the most dedicated artists, they have
no practice space or instruments but they don’t mind hiring despite the fact that a
number of them have no jobs they always go out of their way to ensure the fans are
always entertained. You have to admire how passionate these guys are about their
work .
The big question is are we fans doing enough to make our scene is always the best? The answer to that isn’t quite that simple. The fan base is a small one. This small size may take all merit from the case that this music scene is the best. But certain things don’t require numbers to justify their merit. Yes, your numbers as fans may be small but there is little or no dispute that rock and metal fans live and breathe this music. And for those fans of local content, it is harder to find a bunch that present such rare dedication and enthusiasm for this form of art. The bands know these fans, the ones that will stay come rain or shine. They will come to whatever show and will own each piece of music that their favourite bands have put out. Going forward, we will point out and realise that it is the depth of our fielty and our undying hope that made this scene great and not the numbers.
By Yvonne Ndubi
In the feature image is the punk band “Powerslide“, a trio of skaters featuring Willy Ojiro, Samwel Karugu and Antony ‘Qreed’ Wafula with ‘Crystal Axis‘ Djae Aroni on the second guitar.

8 thoughts on “The Rock & Metal Music Scene is the Best; Here's Why?

  1. Wow! What an article this is!
    Keep up with the great work Girl. Hail Rock Music, Hail RockKE and hail to you Queen of Rock!

  2. I agree! Rock music requires knowledge and talent in order to make the instruments work for you! Knowing how to play an instrument leads to knowing how to make a song and make it connect with you!

  3. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves jay. There’s so much that goes into just a few bars of a single riff the end product most often speak very little about what work went into the body of work. Years of practise, mastery and countless failures.

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