INTERVIEW: In Other Climes are heading for our Climes.

So everyone as the lyrics to their song Party Animal Advisory go it’s “time to party fuckers, raise your glass and bang your head.”In Other Climes are coming.
Theirs are hard hitting, fast, drunk -not – straight edge hardcore/metal. Adding their own twist to the sound with some old school hard rock and glam metal tinged vibe in some of their tunes,they are ready to set  Nairobi Metal Fest on fire come November 11. As their motto goes ‘we come, we fuck shit up and then we leave’.

We had a chat with their guitarist Steve Climes and this is how it went:
Good tunes guys. We have been digging your songs while getting wasted here at the Heavy & Beast HQ today as we await your arrival in November.We love the crossover thrash/thrashcore vibe you guys have,and we can’t wait to party with you. The fan-base here would like to get to know you guys a little better
1. Who are in other climes ?

In Other Climes was formed in 2004 by 5 friends sharing the same goal : touring as much as they can. Band members are;

  • Michael : Vocals
  • Steve : Guitar, backing vocals
  • Cyril : Guitar, backing vocals
  • Lionel : Drum
  • Alex : Bass

2. Explain your music to the fans who haven’t listened to you yet?

Hard question. I guess it would be easier to simply listen to us and make your own idea !
But, if we have to really answer I’ll say that our music is simply true to who we are.
You don’t have to take it too seriously all the time, it can be rough and fast and the opposite. We all listen to a lot of kind of music and we like to include new influences on each record.
It’s very hard for us to keep the same enthusiasm and follow the same path.
I think we can’t stand in a style or a sub-genre for more than one release.
It can be more hardcore, more thrash metal, rock’n’roll, heavy metal, whatever …
That’s really important to us to renew ourselves. But there’s always the same intention and obsession behind each release, making simple music that speaks and gives a good time to people.

3. You guys like partying a lot as seen in all the videos and in the lyrics … why ?

Cause we only live once and it’s our way of being.
There’s no real explications, it’s like being happy. Touring in so many crazy places and living
so many unbelievable moments all over the world transformed us into “party animals” !

4. Are you ready to party in Kenya ?

We can’t wait to play there. We expect a lot from that show. We’ll only stay 2 days and
we hope to come back with as many memories as possible. Also, it will be the 30th
anniversary of our singer so, we are more than ready!

5. What do u look forward to on the show in November ?

A night we’ll remember as a band and humans. We’re sure it will be unique and really different
from all the shows we have played till now. We just can’t wait!

More memorable than Singapore we can tell you that!

6. Where are you guys right now as you answer this ?

At home !

7. Ever played in Africa before ?

No, it will be our first time ever !

8. Favorite Kenyan Music/bands ?

We don’t know the Kenyan scene at all so, it will be interesting to see the other bands playing.

9. What inspired the LeftOver album cover ? It’s too fucking gnarly . songs in it are sick too .. 😀

We just wanted shocking artwork and call out people. The idea came from a friend who did
the album artwork. First, we rejected the idea cause it was too extreme but when we finished recording all the songs and had all the lyrics wrote, we decided to keep this artwork cause it stuck perfectly.

10. But seriously are you guys ready to party with us Last HHF show was so crazy one fan went
to the headlining Band after the show and laid down and jerked off in front of them ?
Wow ! So this time let’s make all the audience jerk off ! No seriously, be sure that we’ll give all
our energy into that show and we really hope you guys will go mad.
11. But then again I did see a dude drink from a shoe and someone cum on a guy in the Live.learn.lead.leave ,and I think that’s too crazy man. Got any crazier tour stories than that
from your experiences in other ‘climes’ across the world ?

There’s too many stories to tell you about, and like we use to say what happens on tour
stays on tour … But, let’s give you one. I remember a night in Romania after a show,
our Guitarist did a challenge with the bartender, he lost and he had his head shaved, badly shaved. Next morning, he woke up totally drunk without any ideas of what he did the night before, he didn’t know how he came back from the club. He discovered his new “massacre”
in the mirror of a burger king. Restaurant was full of people going to work or living there life.
His reaction at this moment … Dude … it was priceless.

12.Hehe. Climes I have never used or knew that word existed till I saw your band name what’s
with the name In other Climes ? How’d you come up with that ?

climes (plural noun)
a region considered with reference to its climate:
“the Continent and its sunnier climes”.
Climes mean skies but in a religious way. The name was found by the first guitar player. One day he came out with different band names and we chose this one cause it sounded different and original. It still fits well to us and to what we’re doing.

13. With album names like Empty Bottles & Wasted Nights and Party Animal advisory What do you guys like drinking the most? Are you down to try some hardcore Kenyan liquor like Kibao, Legend, and meakins or gnarly traditional brews like Chang’aa, muratina and stuff … that can really mess you up, you could go blind or die hehe ?

In general, we love to drink local liquors, so I think that answers your question 😉 If we can avoid going blind that would be better, at least for playing there.

14. I’ve notice a lot of Glam rock/glam metal influences in some of your later tracks. Never seen anything like that before ,I think its really unique, where do you guys find the connection between Glam and hardcore/metal and still make it work ?

It’s just a mix of what we all listen to. We kept the metal influences out of this record and
made something more melodic and catchy, which was the main line for this release.
Like I told you we love to experiment with new stuff, so we did it.

14. Oh, and let me add one stereotyping question like all ‘bad’ interviews … do you guys eat
a lot of cheese and wear the black and white jumpsuit and the frenchy beret.. and say ho ho hou ? Don’t answer that haha.

Fuck yeah man, we do love cheese but also bread and wine, it’s sacred here.

15. Any last words ?

Thanks for the Interview.
In one of your previous questions you asked about a crazy story to tell you. Let’s make that night a great party and an awesome moment we could tell to our friends and families.
See you in couple of weeks … “We’re coming to your town, we’ll help you party down” !

Dont miss ‘em this November 11 for the Nairobi Metal Fest at the Alchemist Bar ,Westlands (Nairobi).


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Interview by Samuel “slammy” Karugu
Questions answered by Steve Climes on behalf of In other climes Band

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