Month: June 2018

A Review of Lesser Glow’s Post Rock/Doom Album “Ruined”

Buzz, chatter, skreeches and general cracklings are noise particulates that are used as puppet strings, raising and animating this grim marionet. Ruined is at points caricaturing in stark and craving screams accompanied by slow, ritualistic pummeling with grimly buzzing guitars circling around the maelstrom. At other points in pale but vivid passages it yearns a despairs, a refreshing counterpoint to the weighty groove of its heavier elements.

X fm Weekly Top 30: Major Changes in Previously "Pop Heavy" Chart

A little girl clinches top spot in this week’s chart; however 105.5 X fm’s Weekly top 30 countdown has been characterised by even more significant changes over the past couple of months. The previously “pop heavy” chart is now a staple for rock lovers, with most of the top 25 songs being rock tunes. However it is the dominance of local rock bands in the charts top 10 that has been the real coup d’etat. But the more things change the more they stay the same.

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