Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Star of the Week/Kanyeki reveals bands that influenced his music

Last week we had the pleasure of receiving a new single from Kenyan rock artist Kanyeki. “Munene wa Ita” a gospel rock track featuring Skylah Lorenah on vocals was received to much acclaim on radio as well as social media. The song has some impeccable song writing and has won over many fans. Being a […]

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New stuff Releases South Africa

Johannesburg’s Hellcats Unleash Debut Full-Length Album “The Hex and The Healer”

  Hellcats is a stripped down, bare knuckle rock ‘n’ roll two-piece from Johannesburg, South Africa. With Alessandro Benigno on drums and vocals and Warwick Rautenbach on guitar, they’ve created a sound that is hard and fast – with driving riffs, wailing vocals and a clear ‘70s rock influence. Today sees the release of their debut full-length album The Hex and […]

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Kenya Releases

Kanyeki Returns with New Single ‘Munene Wa Ita’

Kenya’s gospel rock artist Kanyeki returns with new single ‘Munene wa Ita’ Munene Wa Ita continues Kanyeki’s tradition of kikuyu rock renditions but adds a fresh twist with the inclusion of English lyricism sang splendidly by the lovely  Skylar Lorenah formerly of “Irony Destroyed”. The song is also the first with Hybrid Actuary‘s  George Gachiri […]

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Metal Releases Rock South Africa

Cape Town’s Ethyl Ether Unveil Video for New Single “Cold Black Soul”

Alternative four-piece Ethyl Ether has just released a video for new single Cold Black Soul, taken from their forthcoming 3rd album Chrome Neon Jesus set for release later this year. Their sound is a mish mash of genres: not quite punk, not quite pop, not quite rock but something in between, which they have coined Aggro-Pop. Formed just over 2 years ago […]

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