Covid No End In Sight:What The Fanbase Is Doing To Keep The Scene Alive

Anytime I write, I just stop for a second to think about everyone in the scene, are they all doing okay? How are they coping? I just hope you are all doing well, still head banging and moshing with chairs and tables.

At the moment it doesn’t look like things will return to normal anytime soon. But although things aren’t the way they used to be we can still carry on with a semblance of normalcy. As fans there are number of things we can do to keep ourselves entertained at the same time promote Kenyan rock/metal.

The lipsync Challenge

Over the past month me and a couple of friends have been doing this thing we call the lipsync challenge. It’s a simple challenge where you video yourself lipsyncing to your favorite kenyan rock or metal song and tag a friend you’d like to challenge. Our first week was dedicated to songs by last year’s tragedy. You can find the link to that challenge in our instagram post.

Last week’s challenge where we continued with other bands like Lust of A Dying Breed and In Oath was such a success. I liked how guys joined in. Imagine if  a greater number of us would participate then post the videos on out other social  media platforms, by the time Covid goes back to where it came from the scene would have increased by at least 5% or even more. Growth is growth no matter how small. So next let’s “changamka”; let’s share widely and challenge more people to participate.

Karaoke LIVE

I have been thinking about a Kenyan rockers online karaoke show a loooot, well I might just make it happen soon. Well before we even go there Rock Tour show host Phyline Jean hosts another show on Y254 called Karaoke  live which airs on Wednesday at 7:30pm, Saturday 7:00pm and Monday 6:00pm. Here is what you can do to participate. Record a video of you singing those awesome Kenyan rock songs, send it to her, she will play them on her show. You can reach her @PhylineJean on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. In the meantime let me plan the online karaoke in my head.

TikTok Kinda Thing

Why can’t we also do those tik tok kinda thing? Someone can post a video of you doing some shit while listening to Kenyan rock/metal, you can even twerk to to them we won’t judge?

While you are at it tag the artists, those fellows like it when you do stuff with their music. But let’s not forget to buy the music and merchandise too.

Male vocalists am still waiting for that serenade, come on make this girl happy, bassists and drummers I hope you do something for us

Stay safe and rock