We’re Spilling Blood for Gold: NYC Hardcore Punk’s “Rebelmatic” Voices Harsh Rebuke Against Capitalism in New Single

New York City based hardcore punk veterans, Rebelmatic, have shared their latest offering in Blood and Gold, the second single from their upcoming full-length Ghost in The Shadows.

Lead vocalist, Creatureexplains that “Our song ‘Blood and Gold’ symbolizes how we live in a world where blood is spilled over gold.” He further states that “The song is about self-worth and the value of life. It’s a motivational song to overcome trials and tribulations”

Filmed at Max Fish, a Manhattan skateboarders club, where the band regularly play shows, the video is a testament to Rebelmatic’s energetic and visceral on stage presence and their ability to command the room. It perfectly captures the band’s description of being like “James Brown in a moshpit”.

The song itself is a ‘call-to-arms’ that critiques how we, as society, have reached a point where we prioritise profit and gain over human life, a theme that has been far too common during the ongoing global pandemic. Rebelmatic continue to speak on issues affecting black people the world over as their upcoming LP tackles issues such as freedom, justice and equality.

Ghost in The Shadows is due on 28th August via Red Right Recordings and can be pre-ordered here.

Stream “Blood and Gold“: