Shared Themes Between Rock Music and the Film Industry at The Premiere for “Alone”


So on Saturday 30th of March, I attended the launch premiere for the film Alone thanks to the Kenya Script Writers Guild.

Alone is a film on mental health written by Shelly Gitonga and directed by Cajetan Boy. The film features a police officer who suffers from a mild bipolar and OCD also struggles with his relationship with the father. I will not discuss much about the film, I will only focus on two things that caught my eye.

Film as an avenue for discovering new music

Alone’s soundtrack features a variety of songs including two popular rock songs “Habits” by the songstress Rish feat George Atsulaa – and “Mental Power” by Simply Tomas.

That got me thinking. Kenyan rock bands have you ever tried approaching filmmakers on featuring your music in films? There are the normal avenues of getting just airplay on radio and television. I feel that film deserves more focus more on working with filmmakers this a good way to get new fans, there is no doubt that a number of humans fell in love with rock because of movies soundtracks. As you continue to look for promotion through regular radio, television, podcasts and compilation albums, you should not ignore the power of film.

Dear film Industry  – Kenyan rock bands make very good music. If you need anything on corruption, current state of the economy, mental health, environment, love, heartbreaks etc, Halla at the ladies and gents in the rock community for informative and quality –soundtracks.

 Mental Health –  What We Can We Do To Help?

There’s no doubt that this is something that a number of rockers are struggling with.

I would like to encourage you with the last words Alone film and say – you are not alone.

We are all fighting our demons in one way or another. Some do not know what to do. Some don’t  have anyone to talk to. Some do have someone but no one understands them or maybe they are just surrounded by toxicity.

We need to come up with ways of helping each other to defeat the demons.

We can’t let them win.

I don’t know what am going to do but I need to come up with a solution soon.

If you  have any ideas or maybe you just need to talk to anyone, feel free to slide into my twitter DM- @yndubi. If you have my phone number –  send that text

Sending  out love to each and every rocker.

Keep rocking and #Twenderockgigs


By: Yvonne Ndubi

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